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Low's new Germany comes at a price


Antoine Griezmann, Iceland and Wales among the stars of Euro 2016

Congratulations to Portugal, winners of Euro 2016.

ESPN FC had country bloggers covering their team throughout the tournament in France and each have rated their side out of 10, chosen their favourite memory, star man, team of the tournament and predict what's next for their side.


Favourite memory: Hal Robson-Kanu scoring Wales' crucial second against Belgium in their 3-1 win in the quarterfinals. The unattached striker fooled three defenders before clipping a shot past Thibaut Courtois.

Star man: Antoine Griezmann.

Team of the tournament: Buffon; Srna, Pepe, Bonucci, Guerreiro; Ramsey, Kroos; Ronaldo, Ozil, Bale; Griezmann.

What's next: Following Lorik Cana's international retirement, the first order of business is convincing Gianni De Biasi to honour his contract with the Albanian Football Association. Albania must then continue its policy of heavy recruitment from the diaspora if they are to have a shot at qualifying for the World Cup in Russia. -- Maher Mezahi


Favourite memory: There were many impressive moments in France this summer, but Iceland's performance on and off the pitch against France, despite losing 5-2 in the quarterfinals, was one of the most inspiring scenes.

Star man: Aaron Ramsey.

Team of the tournament: McGovern; Boateng, Pepe, Bonucci; Krychowiak, Ramsey; Perisic, Griezmann, Payet; Bale, Ronaldo.

What's next: Marcel Koller needs to prove he can calm the players and the Austrian media down after a stressful tournament. Qualification for the World Cup 2018 won't be easy and changes will be needed. -- Marco Stein


Favourite memory: Belgium destroying Hungary 4-0 with some of the best football they have played since the World Cup in Brazil. Eden Hazard had his best game ever for his country and everyone was thinking about Belgium reaching the final in Paris. It all came to nothing of course, but for a few short days, people could dream.

Star man: Antoine Griezmann.

Team of the tournament: Lloris; Kimmich, Boateng, Bonucci, Pepe; Kroos, Pogba, Payet; Bale, Griezmann, Ronaldo.

What's next: Belgium need to find a coach who can earn the respect of the team and has the tactical ability to allow them to be armed sufficiently to meet the challenges they will meet in future tournaments. The 2018 World Cup in Russia could be the last chance for many of the squad.-- John Chapman


Favourite memory: Everything from Iceland, from the brilliant squeaking and squealing of their TV commentator Gudmundur Benediktsson, to their hand-clapping together with the crowd, to the way they fought on the pitch. They inspired genuine emotion.

Star man: Antoine Griezmann.

Team of the tournament: Buffon; Srna, Pepe, Hummels, Guerreiro; Payet, Pogba, Kroos, Bale; Griezmann, Ronaldo.

What's next: This generation, aided by a few emerging stars, can still make a big impact at the World Cup in two years. But they can't do it by themselves -- inadequate leadership at the top of Croatian football, including the manager, will need to change. -- Alex Holiga


Favourite memory: When Marek Hamsik scored that gorgeous goal to put Slovakia 2-0 up against Russia in the group stages. Apologies to the Czech fans clinging to their rivalry with Slovakia, but that sharp strike was something else.

Star man: Antoine Griezmann.

Team of the tournament: Buffon; R. Sigurdsson, Bonucci, Pepe; Payet, Iniesta, Kroos, Krychowiak, Kimmich; Griezmann, Ronaldo.

What's next:  Czech Republic coach Pavel Vrba is already out of the job and whoever fills his boots must be willing to look to fresher faces if the side want to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, particularly with Germany in their group. It's time to build a team that doesn't rely on Tomas Rosicky. -- Kirsten Schlewitz

ENGLAND3/10. Hey, they did beat one of the semifinalists ... 

Favourite memory: England losing to Iceland was pretty funny, but while this is pretty obvious, the moment of the tournament was Robson-Kanu's goal against Belgium. A man who has been a pretty average winger in the Championship for years executing a perfect Cruyff turn and sending Belgium's defence hither and thither. Marvellous.

Star man: Antoine Griezmann.

Team of the tournament: Buffon; Bonucci, Williams, R. Sigurdsson; Modric, Iniesta, Ramsey, Perisic; Griezmann, Ronaldo, Payet.

What's next: Well, finding a new manager is probably quite high on the to-do list. But the main thing for England to do is not to place so much scrutiny (to put things politely) on the players. More specifically, not to go after them personally and viciously when they lose. Then they might relax a little bit. -- Nick Miller

England had a woeful Euro 2016 and their shock defeat to Iceland led to Roy Hodgson's departure.

FRANCE: 8/10

Favourite memory: Iceland. Although Euro 2016 was not rich in quality overall, it did produce some fantastic stories and none were more heart-warming than Iceland's incredible run to the quarterfinals. Lars Lagerback and Heimir Hallgrimsson's men left an extremely positive impression on and off the pitch and the Icelanders' "thunder clap" with supporters will be one of the tournament's enduring memories.

Star man: Antoine Griezmann.

Team of the tournament: Lloris; Srna, Bonucci, Boateng, Guerreiro; Krychowiak, Sanches, Perisic, Bale; Griezmann, Ronaldo.

What's next: With Didier Deschamps already confirming he will stay on as France coach, attention now turns to the 2018 World Cup. France will be expected to qualify for Russia without fuss and Deschamps will be able to bring back some, if not all, of the players he was deprived of during Euro 2016. Having reached the final on home soil, similar will be expected in Eastern Europe once qualification is secured. -- Jonathan Johnson


Favourite memory: Iceland celebrating with their fans following the 2-1 shock defeat of England.

Star man: Antoine Griezmann.

Team of the tournament: Sommer; Srna, Boateng, Bonucci, R. Sigurdsson; Kroos, Ramsey, Griezmann, Perisic; Ronaldo, Bale.

What's next: The last two survivors of the Euro 2004 squad, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Lukas Podolski, are set to retire from international football. Coach Joachim Low will take his time to decide if he continues or not. The 2018 World Cup qualifiers kick off with a trip to Norway in early September. Low will be on board. -- Stephan Uersfeld


Favourite memory: Adam Szalai's opener against Austria won't be remembered by many across the continent, but for Hungarians, the goal was an outpouring of ecstasy, pent up after 30 years without a major tournament. The euphoria was so much for Szalai that he launched himself into the crowd to celebrate with the Hungarian fans after he scored, producing some incredible, unforgettable scenes.

Star man: Toni Kroos.

Team of the tournament: Patricio; Sagna, Pepe, Bonnuci, Guerreiro; Kroos, Ramsey; Perisic, Nani, Blaszczykowski; Griezmann.

What's next: Hungary can now take a mountain of confidence into World Cup qualifying after a very respectable performance at the Euros. One win from four games on paper doesn't look that incredible, but to top a very tricky group -- ahead of winners Portugal -- is pretty impressive, and the manner in which they did it will inspire many Hungarians to believe in their national team once again. -- Tomasz Mortimer


Favourite memory: With many things to choose from a memorable debut in a major competition, the victory against England in the round of 16 stands out and will be regarded as one of the biggest events in Iceland's sporting history. The scenes at the final whistle in Nice will never be forgotten.

Star man: Antoine Griezmann.

Team of the tournament: Patricio; Srna, Pepe, R. Sigurdsson, Hector; Pogba, Kroos; Griezmann, Ramsey, Bale; Ronaldo.

What's next: After this magnificent performance at the Euros, the Icelandic team has raised the expectations of a whole nation. In September the World Cup qualification begins, where Iceland are in a tough group, and there we will see if this golden generation can possibly take one step further. -- Vidir Sigurdsson

Iceland's thunder clap celebration captured the hearts of many.

ITALY:  8/10

Favourite memory: Antonio Conte always has a memorable moment or two and nothing was quite as entertaining and joyful to watch as when he celebrated Italy's second goal in their 2-0 win against Spain in the round of 16. Running towards his assistants, he chest-bumped one along the way before climbing on to the top of the dugout to roar loudly.

Star man: Antoine Griezmann.

Team of the tournament: Lloris; De Sciglio, Pepe, Bonucci, Hector; Kroos, Modric, Payet; Bale, Griezmann, Ronaldo.

What's next: Italy are lucky in that they recognise how it takes a team to win a trophy. Blessed with experience and great determination, they must now turn to youth to not just reduce the average age of the team, but to ensure they keep building upon the strong foundations laid down by Conte. -- Mina Rzouki


Favourite memory: The combined noise, colour and camaraderie between the Northern Ireland and Wales fans in Paris. The Parc Des Princes resounding to "Will Grigg's on Fire" amid a wonderfully inclusive atmosphere, summed up the light-hearted approach from supporters determined to make the most of their participation.

Star man: Antoine Griezmann.

Team of the tournament: Patricio; Kimmich, Hummels, Pepe, Evra; Sissoko, Pogba, Sigurdsson, Bale; Perisic, Griezmann.

What's next: Northern Ireland's quest is to channel post-Euro 2016 euphoria into upcoming World Cup qualifiers. It's going to be particularly difficult, given that they will share a group with Germany. However, the majority of Michael O'Neill's squad will remain and be confident ahead of the first clash, away to Czech Republic. -- Julian Taylor

POLAND: 7/10

Favourite memory: "Favourite" may not be the right word but the residing memory of the tournament will always be the penalty shootout between Germany and Italy. In particular, the farcical pre-kick audacity displayed by a handful of players, who then proceeded to take some of the worst penalties I have ever seen.

Star man: Antoine Griezmann.

Team of the tournament: Lloris; Gunter, Pazdan, Boateng, Hector; Blaszczykowski, Krychowiak, Kroos, Hazard; Bale; Griezmann.

What's next: With Adam Nawalka already signing a new contract, everything is in place for Poland to look towards the 2018 World Cup. Much of the team will remain as is, however they will need to learn how to find a way to get Robert Lewandowski more involved and yet be less reliant on him. -- Ryan Hubbard


Favourite memory: Eder's goal in extra time to see off France in the final. It is a moment no Portugal football fan will ever forget. Simple as that.

Star man: Pepe.

Team of the tournament: Patricio; Cedric, Pepe, Bonucci, Guerreiro; Adrien, Draxler, Sissoko, Modric, Nani; Griezmann.

What's next: Spain spent years underachieving, won Euro 2008 and then dominated world football for six years. Can Portugal do something similar? The frightening amount of talent in the 20-24 age group (many of whom were not at Euro 2016) suggests it may not be a pipedream. Get your bets on for Portugal to lift the trophy in Russia. -- Tom Kundert

Portugal won their first ever major tournament thanks to Eder's thumping winner against France.


Favourite memory: Iceland's emergence from their group, their win against England and their homecoming to their fans. Everything about them. 

Star man: Pepe.

Team of the tournament: Lloris; Soares, Chiellini, Pepe, Koscielny; Ronaldo, Kroos, Payet, Ramsey, Bale; Griezmann.

What's next: Building on the positive foundations of Euro 2016 in a World Cup qualifying group that could have been so much worse, while realising the negatives of their time in France and reforming the structures around player production. -- Ewan MacKenna


 Favourite memory: Bogdan Stancu scoring for Romania from the penalty spot to make it 1-1 against France, in the opening game of the tournament. Romania erupted in a magical and much missed roar. 

Star man: Antoine Griezmann.

Team of the tournament: Lloris; Kimmich, Chiellini, Bonucci, Guerreiro; Kroos, Ramsey, Nainggolan; Blaszczykowski, Griezmann, Bale.

What's next: Romania have named their first foreign manager in the modern era and hope to become a force at the World Cup in 2018. Christoph Daum, the former Leverkusen and Fenerbahce man, took charge after a disappointing Euro campaign which prompted many to ask for a football revolution in Romania. -- Emanuel Rosu

RUSSIA: 0/10

Favourite memory: The fans, especially those from the countries who made history -- Iceland, Albania, Wales and Northern Ireland. The tournament started on a very sour note as far as hooligan behaviour is concerned but it eventually turned into a celebration of football, unity and true support in the stands.

Star man: Leonardo Bonucci.

Team of the tournament: Buffon; Boateng, Bonucci, Pepe; Kroos, Giaccherini, Ramsey, Payet, Perisic; Nani, Griezmann.

What's next: Russia need to find a new coach and build the team from scratch ahead of hosting the World Cup in 2018. Apart from star goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev, it looks like none of the current players are up to the task and the situation couldn't possibly have been more difficult. -- Michael Yokhin


Favourite memory: Iceland's victory against England. That match will be a part of football history -- they were a great team with humble and hard-working players, led by two amazing coaches: Hallgrimsson and Lagerback. Their advance to the quarterfinals is one of the most admirable achievements in football history.

Star man: Antoine Griezmann.

Team of the tournament: Lloris; Sagna, Pepe, Koscielny, Hector; Kroos, Pogba, Sanches; Ronaldo, Griezmann, Bale.

What's next: Slovakia need to undergo an important change before World Cup qualifying, as many key players are over 30. Coach Jan Kozak has to give an opportunity to talented young players. Their first match will be very hard, at home against a despondent England with something to prove, in less than two months. -- Lukas Vrablik

SPAIN: 4/10

Favourite memory: Gianluigi Buffon's reactions after two huge matches, namely Italy's win over Spain and their subsequent loss at the hands of Germany. Buffon deserves the icon status he enjoys because of his grace in both victory and defeat.

Star man: Antoine Griezmann.

Team of the tournament: Patricio; Cedric, Pepe, Koscielny, Evra; Matuidi, Kroos; Bale, Griezmann, Ozil; Ronaldo.

What's next: After Vicente del Bosque's resignation, Spain's main priority is to find a new coach able to update their possession style with a more physical approach, while also finishing the transition into the next generation of Spanish players. -- Ed Alvarez

Holders Spain were eliminated by Italy.


Favourite memory: Iceland celebrating their win over England by leading their fans in their thunder clap celebration after the game is the image that will linger from this tournament. The celebration -- already copied by France -- will probably live on in several countries.

Star man: Antoine Griezmann.

Team of the tournament: Neuer; Sagna, Bonucci, Boateng, Hector; Bale, Ramsey, Kroos, Payet; Griezmann, Ronaldo.

What's next: Sweden enter a new era without Zlatan Ibrahimovic and with a new coach in Janne Andersson, who is untested in international football. Given they are in the same group as France and Netherlands for World Cup qualifying, a trip to Russia in two years looks unlikely. A long rebuilding process is beginning and it could be a while before Sweden play in an international tournament again. -- Mattias Karen


Favourite memory: Iceland beating England in the round of 16. Not as big an upset as many claimed given they beat Netherlands home and away in qualifying, but to repeat the trick on such a big stage was truly magnificent. 

Star man: Pepe.

Team of the tournament: Neuer; Bonucci, Pepe, Chiellini; Pogba, Sanches, Bale, Payet, Modric; Ronaldo, Griezmann.

What's next:  A tough one as they host Euro 2016 winners Portugal at home in their opening World Cup qualifier, a match which could be crucial to their hopes of qualifying for Russia. Hungary are the other main contenders in a group that also features Faroe Islands, Latvia and Andorra. -- Brian Homewood


Favourite memory: Cristiano Ronaldo's touchline antics in the final. He suffered a heartbreaking injury early in the first half, reducing him to tears as he was taken off on a stretcher. Ronaldo proved to be just as influential off the pitch, willing his team on and acting like an assistant manager. You could feel how much it meant to him during his trophy celebration.

Star man: Pepe.

Team of the tournament: Lloris; Kimmich, Pepe, Bonucci, Taylor; Kroos, Ramsey; Nani, Griezmann, Ozil; Ronaldo.

What's nextLooking ahead to the World Cup qualifiers it's clear Turkey manager Fatih Terim has a lot of work on his hands. There is hope going forward following the rise of the 19-year-old Mor, who was Turkey's star performer at this summer's competition, and several other promising youngsters coming through the ranks.-- Eren Sarigul


Favourite memory: Everything regarding Iceland, be it their splendid performance in the tournament, the powerful Viking chant or the way they were greeted in Reykjavik after their Euro 2016 run came to an end. It was a real joy to behold and will be remembered for a long time.

Star man: Gareth Bale.

Team of the tournament: Buffon; Piszczek, Bonucci, Williams, Taylor; Kroos, Ramsey; Bale, Griezmann, Payet; Ronaldo.

What's next:  Euro 2016 showed that Ukraine have to leave behind their one-dimensional, cautious football and become more flexible and inventive in tactical terms if they are to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. -- Alex Sereda


Favourite memory: Robson-Kanu's goal against Belgium was an improbable piece of skill from an improbable man at an improbable moment. That, and the sheer disbelieving joy in the Wales' end of Lille's Stade Pierre-Mauroy that followed, was everything you watch football for.

Star man: Antoine Griezmann.

Team of the tournament: Lloris; Walker, Chester, Davies, Hector; Modric, Sigurdsson, Ramsey, Payet; Ronaldo, Griezmann.

What's next: Hopefully more of the same. Wales have shown they are good enough to compete with anyone they will face in World Cup qualifying. The key is to not let new-found expectation derail the unity and togetherness the squad fostered so impressively up to and during Euro 2016. -- Glen Wilson

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