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Low's new Germany comes at a price


Euro 2016 Group F: Hungary vs. Portugal, Iceland vs. Austria

Portugal need a point against already-qualify Hungary to qualify, but Cristiano Ronaldo's team will need to win to be in with a chance of taking top spot -- Lyon (6 p.m. CET/12 p.m. ET, ESPN).

Iceland also need a point against Austria to qualify, but Austria themselves know they are guaranteed to be in the round of 16 if they can win the match -- Saint-Denis (6 p.m. CET/12 p.m. ET, ESPN2). Read the permutations here.


Iceland 2-1 Austria

Portugal 3-3 Hungary

19.10 BST: And if you're still not sure how teams reach the round of 16, have a look here.

19.07 BST: So, as we check out of Group F and finalise the Euro 2016 group stage games tonight with the four below teams in Group E, here's the match reports from the games we've just seen...

Iceland's last-minute winner topples Austria

Ronaldo stars for Portugal in dramatic 3-3 draw

19.05 BST: Ireland vs. Italy, and Belgium vs. Sweden await us tonight still, it's not all over yet ... !

Iceland vs. Austria review: Devastating for Austria, but ecstasy for Iceland. The Icelandic XI pinched the opener, then decided to sit deep and they ended up paying the penalty for it. However, they then stole a winner right at the death -- which turns out they didn't need anyway as results were in their favour.

Austria were playing into their hands bombing forward in search of their tournament-saving winning goal, but they just couldn't find it.

19.01 BST: England will face Iceland in the round of 16 on Monday night at 8pm. 

Portugal vs. Hungary review: Ronaldo was the main man. A delicious backheel flick, a great header and an inch perfect pass to set up Nani's first. They'll need more of that if they're to cause any serious damage in this tournament, but this result should be a their wake-up call.

Hungary were excellent throughout and credit to them for finding the net three times, too. Deservedly progressing into the next round.

18.58 BST: Austria exit the competition -- to the surprise of many. They just haven't come up with the goods after a brilliant initial qualifying campaign.

18.55 BST: WHAT AN AFTERNOON! Fantastic two games and Iceland have completed the miracle -- they're through to the round of 16! Portugal finish in third and will progress still while Hungary top the group.


90+4 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Great counterattacking move by Iceland down the right flank catches Austria with all their men forward and Traustason nets a last minute winner after Bjarnason finds him unmarked at the far post!!!




90+1 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Janko's head wide for Austria! Long ball football for the Austrian team now!


90 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Iceland hanging on for dear life here. Austria are desperate for that winning goal. Sigurdsson's run it up the park in a bid to waste time and has made it deep in Austria's half before winning the throw-in. Just want he wanted.

89 MIN: POR-HUN -- Yep, he's faking it. Portugal have a free kick from 40 yards and obviously he was never going to sit on the floor for that. He's shot it high and wide, again.

88 MIN: POR-HUN -- Ronaldo clutching him hamstring here. He might be injured, or he might be faking it... I think it's the latter.

87 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Austria probing the Iceland box, but they can't find their way through just yet. Alaba's pulling all the strings, he's had a decent game.

86 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Iceland manage to win a corner, which they've taken short and look to keep in the corner for as long as possible.

85 MIN: POR-HUN -- Long range Ronaldo effort from 40 yards misses again and Kiraly has the pleasure of a bit of time wasting on the freekick. They'll take the draw for sure.

84 MIN: Hungary won't be forgetting this moment in a hurry...

83 MINS: POR-HUN -- Portugal still looking the more likely side of grabbing a winner. Ronaldo still threatening. They've got a throw-in deep inside the Hungarian half right now.

82 MINS: ICE-AUT -- Halldorsson booked for time wasting on the goalkick. That's been coming for a while.

81 MINS: POR-HUN -- Hungary sub, Stieber's coming on.

80 MINS: ICE-AUT -- Corner comes in but there's a nasty clash of heads and we could have a couple of minutes delay here.


78 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Arnason earns a yellow card. Chance for Austria to whip the free kick in. 

77 MIN: POR-HUN -- Portugal still bundling bodies forward in search of the winning goal, but they can't get that golden chance ... yet.

76 MIN: POR-HUN -- Portugal's Mario shoots, but it's deflected into the path of Ronaldo who volleys it first time, but it goes over.

75 MIN: POR-HUN -- Some need build-up play from Hungary down their right flank but the eventual through-ball pass is carrying to much power and it's out for the goal kick.

74 MIN: ICE-AUT -- And it's met in the air by Sigurdsson but he can't direct goalwards. 

73 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Iceland manage to force the corner and Austria are on the back foot for a moment. They're chucking a fair few blue shirts forward for this ...

71 MIN: ICE-AUT -- GREAT CHANCE FOR AUSTRIA! Alaba feeds through Schöpf inside the Icelandic penalty area. He manages to get a shot away from around eight yards out, but Halldorsson saves!!!

70 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Austria's Janko earns a yellow card for a foul on the edge of the Iceland box. Chance to release the mounting Austria pressure for Lars Lagerbäck's side.. 

69 MIN: POR-HUN -- Ronaldo and co pushing and pushing for the winning goal that'll put them top of group. They've got the ball still, and have just forced another relatively easy save from Kiraly. 

68 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Both sides in the hunt for the winning goal -- which is pleasing for a neutral viewer -- but neither side have come close over the past couple of minutes. Austria having the possession at the moment and they look as if they're trying to catch a bit of a breather before launching an attacking onslaught.

66 MIN: POR-HUN -- End-to-end stuff! Just when you start to think Portugal have it under control, they squander it and Hungary have a glimpse on goal themselves!

65 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Sigurdsson fires a shot in and it needs Almer to parry away! Iceland on the hunt for a winner!

64 MIN: Right now, if the scores stay the same, England are playing Portugal on Monday night.


61 MIN: Ronaldo heads home after an in-swinging right-footed cross from the left flank finds the Madrid man darting in from the opposite side of the pitch!


60 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Alaba offloads to his left, finding Schöpf. He has a lot to do and fools the Icelandic centre-back pairing before slotting home!


58 MIN: POR-HUN -- Portugal are struggling here, pure desperation at the moment and they can't really believe what's happening. They're totally lacking cohesion and if it wasn't for the brilliance of Ronaldo [and Nani's lush finish] Hungary would be miles ahead.

57 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Austria still looking to cut through the Iceland XI, but having little luck. The Icelandic back four are rigid, tight and working well as a unit. Austria are just lacking that bit of cutting edge. Iceland have completed just 139 passes.

54 MIN: POR-HUN -- Another free kick from the Hungary man is deflected by the wall but it falls nicely to him again. He navigates it onto his left foot and delivers a curling left footed finished into the far corner. It took a deflection, but who cares, what a game this is!


51 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Long ball down the left channel finds Arnautovic, but he's forced into a tight space and has no other option but to pass backwards.

50 MIN: POR-HUN -- Another Mario cross flies across the face of goal but Ronaldo can't quite stretch enough to put a foot on it and plant it home ... ! 

49 MIN: POR-HUN -- Joao Mario crosses in from the right flank and Ronaldo's outrageous backheel flick ends up in the back of the Hungarian net. Great, great goal.


47 MIN: ICE-AUT -- All kicking off in this game as well as Austria search for another penalty as Alaba's brought down! Austria have also had Alaba's earlier shot blocked on the line!


46 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Another Iceland long throw-in is knocked on by Arnason, who finds Gunnarsson at the far stick, but it's blasted over!

45 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Two Austrian changes. Janko comes on for Austria as it's make or break for them, their tournament hangs on the next 45 minutes.

17.59 BST: Second half moments away...

17.51 BST: Exciting first halves in both games. If only the rest of the tournament was like that...

Iceland vs. Austria half-time review: Iceland stormed the opening proceedings but they now come into the half-time interval having had just 39 percent possession. They grabbed the first goal and have decided to just sit back and defend their lead. Austria, on the other hand, look threatening everytime they get a chance to attack with Alaba and Arnautovic linking up nicely.

Portugal vs. Hungary half-time review: Scoreline's unfair on Ronaldo and co, in fairness. They've had all the ball and all the chances. However, they just can't make the most of them. Hungary, on the other hand, have had limited chances but when they've come their way, they've made the most of them and have the goal to show for it.


45 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Austria trying to feed their main man Arnautovic up top, but Alaba's pass can't be collected by the Stoke man. Poor first touch and that's a disappointment, he was in a dangerous area there.

44 MIN: POR-HUN -- Another shot from Portugal is collected well by Kiraly. Hit with power by Ronaldo, but it was straight at him.

43 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Another long throw-in from Iceland in attempt to cause trouble inside the Austrian box, but this time its headed away.

42 MIN: POR-HUN -- And another in-swinging cross from Ronaldo finds the head of Nani, but he's head it over the bar. 

41 MIN: POR-HUN -- Delightful Ronaldo through ball down the left channel finds the forward-running Nani who hits it first time left footed and buries it in the back of the net.


40 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Iceland trying to settle proceedings and the rising Austrian dominance. They're passing the ball among themselves in attempt to wear the pressing Austrian players down.

38 MIN: POR-HUN -- Portugal forced another corner and Nani eventually manages to score ... ! BUT IT'S OFFSIDE!

37 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Iceland goal disallowed for offside! Right now, England are playing Iceland on Monday night. 




35 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Alaba feeds through Arnautovic who falls the deck in attempt to claim to edge-of-the-area free kick, but appeals are turned down by the referee.

34 MIN: POR-HUN -- Another free kick for Ronaldo down the right flank is off target. 

33 MIN: ICE-AUT -- All Austria now and this game really has been turned on it's head. Iceland are riding their luck and need to stop sitting so deep. 

History maker: 

32 MIN: POR-HUN -- Hungary look to escape the Portuguese possession down the left flank, but Moutinho quickly tackles Pinter and we're back to watching Ronaldo and co set up camp in their opponents half.

31 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Arnautovic shoots from range eyeing the top left corner, but Iceland's keeper collects well. He's becoming a nuisance. 

30 MIN: ICE-AUT -- PENALTY APPEAL TURNED DOWN! Arnautovic's fallen down in the box off the Austrian long ball, but the ref's blown the whistle and awarded it the other way.

29 MIN: AND IT NEEDS A SAVE FROM KIRALY! Better effort from the Madrid man, and he's forced a corner. Still, very ambitious free kick.

28 MIN: YELLOW CARD FOR JUHASZ! Which means another 40-yard free kick attempt for Ronaldo...

27 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Iceland seemed to have taken their foot off the gas a bit here. They've got their goal, now it's time to sit back and defend, it seems.

26 MIN: POR-HUN -- Ronaldo still struggling to penetrate the Hungarian box. They're having all the ball -- and keeping in Hungary's half -- but they just can not find that gap.

24 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Austria try their own long throw-in attempt into the box, but a powerful header from Arnason heads that away. Better luck next time, Austria...

22 MIN: POR-HUN -- Ronaldo's free kick is saved by Kiraly. 

ICE-AUT -- Iceland continuing to look the dominant side here, Austria are misplacing their passes and really struggling to get anything going.

21 MIN: POR-HUN -- Ronaldo's already getting frustrated as his lined up a very ambitious angled free kick from the left flank. You can't do it all by yourself, Cristiano...

ICELAND GOAL: Long throw-in is headed on before it falls down to Bödvarsson who slots home inside the box! The sort of goal Stoke used to score under Pulis!

HUNGARY GOAL: Corner is headed clear but it finds former West Brom man Gera on the edge of the box who smashes it home -- great goal! Completely against the run of play!


17 MIN: POR-HUN -- Portugal's fans going wild cheering everytime they complete a pass, which is very often as Hungary are struggling to get out their own half. They've just managed to grab a corner, which is their best chance of a goal so far...

16 MIN: POR-HUN -- Still it remains all Portugal. Kiraly's had the lions share of the ball infact, he's been a busy man this on. His opposing number, on the other hand...

15 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Corner looks troubling for a while as neither side can latch hold of possession, but it eventually falls to Gunnarsson on the outside of the box who blasts over.

14 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Iceland pushing down the left side and have managed to earn themselves a corner ball thanks to the hard work of Bjarnason. 

13 MIN: POR-HUN -- Freekick whipped in from the Nani foul, but can't even go past the first man and it's headed away. 

12 MIN: POR-HUN -- Guzmics earns a yellow card for a late foul on Nani. Rightly so, no intention to play the ball.

11 MIN: ICE-AUT -- GREAT CHANCE FOR AUSTRIA GOES BEGGING! Arnautovic pressures the Iceland keeper Halldorsson into a mistake in his own box and dispossesses him, but the Stoke midfielder falls over and can't slot the ball into the open goal!

10 MIN: POR-HUN -- Portugal, again, have earnt another corner down the left flank. They're pushing ... !

9 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Austria finally starting to have some of the ball over the past minute or so, but like Iceland, they're struggling to find that killer pass.

8 MIN: ICE-AUT -- Iceland still trying to penetrate the Austrian midfield, but having little luck. They're having enough of the ball but Austria aren't allowing them any decent opportunities. 

7 MIN: POR-HUN -- Nani bursts with pace down the left flank and blitzes the Hungarian fullback, but he can't deliver a cross and it's blocked and out for the corner, which is swung in, and eventually caught in the air by Kiraly.

6 MIN: Iceland's keeper and Hungary's keeper -- that's what I'm seeing right now. Iceland's back four holding possession, along with Hungary's. Neither side managing to find a forward pass through their opposition yet. 

4 MIN: POR-HUN -- Free kick for Portugal is swung in from the left flank, but it's cleared with ease before W. Carvalho blasts it over.

ICE-AUT -- All Iceland at the minute, but in terms of attacking chances, nothing yet to report on.

3 MIN: POR-HUN -- Steady opening couple of minutes, with Hungary jsut trying to settle the initial burst of energy from Portugal. Kiraly's had a few touches of the ball already as the Hungarians try to hold onto possession. 

2 MIN: ICE-AUT -- WHAT A STRIKE! Gunnarsson smashes it with his left foot from outside the box and it nearly dislodges the goal from the ground is what that powerful! 

1 MIN: POR-HUN -- Portugal have already earnt their first attacking setpiece of the game in the form of a corner. But it's struggled to make it past the first man and it's cleared away by Hungary.


16.58 BST: The captains shake hands, and we're nearly off. Four of Hungary's starting 11 are on a yellow card from existing games. They could be on their way to one-match suspension if they pick up another today.

16.56 BST: Anthems are being sung. Meanwhile...

16.55 BST: ESPN's James Dall is watching Hungary's game with Portugal. Kiraly could be a busy man today with Ronaldo coming at him. 

16.54 BST: The teams are heading out on the pitch, kick off is just moments away ... !

16.50 BST: From England's perspective, they'll be playing the runners up in this group which could still mathematically be any of these sides.

Even though Portugal's form has been poor, England don't have great memories of the Portuguese -- they knocked England out in Euro 2004 and World Cup 2006. And the threat of Ronaldo, even on an off day, is enough to worry ANY side.

But, that being said, they'll probably be the only team out of all four nations to actually want the ball and come out attacking. Hodgon's side have had trouble with their fellow Group B sides who have just sat back and absorb their pressure. It could make for an intriguing game.

Who would England probably like? Any side but Portugal. England -- and especially Wayne Rooney -- don't have nice memories of Ronaldo in international tournaments.

16.47 BST: While we wait for the team's to come out onto the pitch ready for kick off, here's a little flash back to 30 years ago...

16.45 BST: And then we've got Austria, who are yet to score. A win over Iceland would probably qualify them, and it will definitely qualify them if Portugal don't win. It's all very confusing ... !

16.40 BST: It's a big day for Ronaldo as well let's not forget. So far he's been far from himself and missing the penalty last time out against Austria was the low point of his tournament.

He's only created two chances so far this tournament and his shot accuracy's been just 40%. He's winning 47% of duels against opponents, too. Not impressive statistics considering his 51 goal haul for Madrid last season.

16.35 BST: Iceland -- who are competing at their first major tournament -- are just a win away from guaranteeing qualification for the round of 16 by potentially topping the group. However, a draw will leave them in a precarious position of just three points and potentially on too fewer points to advance into the next round. 

Hungary, on the other hand, have stolen the show as they sit on four points. A win today over Portugal would guarantee the top spot and also probably knockout Portugal who'll be on just three points - what a story that'd be saying goodbye to Ronaldo and co early!

16.30 BST: The final round fixtures of group F are just half an hour away ... !

This is the group we've all been waiting for. The intrigue surrounding this group is huge, particularly because we're all left wondering as to which fairytale will we be writing today?

• Will FIFA world No. 20 Hungary top the group above Ronaldo's Portugal?

• Will world No. 34 Iceland make it to the round-of-16?

• Will Cristiano Ronaldo finally manage to bag a goal at Euro 2016 on his 17th Euros appearance?

Oh, and there's the minor matter as to who England will be playing in the knockout stages.

Hungary XI: Kiraly, Lang, Juhasz, Guzmics, Korhut, Pinter, Elek, Lovrencsics, Gera, Dzsudzsak, Szala

Portugal XI: Rui Patricio, Vieirinha, Pepe, R. Carvalho, Eliseu, W. Carvalho, Joao Mario, Moutinho, Andre Gomes, Nani, Ronaldo

Iceland XI: Halldorsson, Skulason, Sigurdsson, Arnason, Saevarsson, Bjarnason, Sigurdsson, Gunnarsson, Gudmundsson, Sigthorsson, Bodvarsson

Austria XI: Almer, Fuchs, Prodl, Hinteregger, Dragovic, Ilsanker, Baumgartlinger, Arnautovic, Alaba, Klein, Sabitzer

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