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Elton John almost let slip about Mark Viduka's secret contract talks with Manchester United

Former Leeds front-man Mark Viduka recalls backstage drinks with Elton John, and how close he came to joining the Red Devils.
Now living in Croatia, the former talismanic striker claims football's leadership in Australia has overseen a grave decline in talent development.
Mark Viduka believes Bernie Mandic played a detrimental role in his relationship with former Leeds and Socceroos teammate Harry Kewell.
The former Elland Road-favourite looks back fondly on the talented Leeds side of the early 2000s, and their rapid fall from European heights.
Former Socceroos captain Mark Viduka opens up about leading the Australian football family back to the World Cup after a playoff victory over Uruguay.
Thirteen years on, the former Socceroos skipper shares the reality of dissent and bitterness that plagued Australia's disastrous Asian Cup debut.

Former Australia captain Mark Viduka has said Elton John nearly told an entire stadium of concert-goers about secret contract talks he had with Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson.

Viduka, who was playing for Leeds United at the time, was in the city for talks with Ferguson when he was invited to attend one of Elton John's concerts.

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ZAGREB, Croatia -- Twenty minutes out of Croatia's capital, nestled upon a hill called Sestine, sits a cafe called Non Plus Ultra, or "No Higher Point."

It's a busy establishment. The smell of coffee fills the air as businessmen, politicians and mother's groups sit rugged up, chatting inside, underneath the heaters or braving it in the frosty conditions.

- WATCH: Mark Viduka Uncovered on YouTube

Behind the counter, a barista has a familiar look. Former Premier League star and Australian captain...

Wenger began soccer's obsession with puffy jackets, parkas and fashion. But why can't fans find their own?

Wenger became known in the final years of his Arsenal tenure for the long, padded coats -- with difficult fasteners -- he sported on the sidelines.

Some say it began with Arsene Wenger, the Arsenal icon, on Oct. 16, 2010, against Birmingham City, when he wore a full-length, five-partition Nike Storm Fit winter coat that came down to his knees -- a foot longer than his puffy jacket from the previous season. Some say Jose Mourinho's assistant coach at Inter, Daniele Bernazzani, wore a big down puffer before Wenger did, early winter 2010, at the Coppa Italia. Some say it was Mourinho, who wore his at Chelsea practice, sometime before March that...